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Coke Studio@MTV

Episode 4 – 15th July 2011

  1) Kartiyani Watch Video

Bombay Jayshree and Ustad Rashid Khan Jayshree , better known to the world as Bombay Jayshree.. Just because she was Jayshree who moved to Madras from Bombay those many years ago and I guess that would be the best way to identify her among the many Jayshrees in Madras now Chennai.

In her early years she has sung for my jingles.. In the recent past she has sung for my Tamil movie ” Modhivilayadu”. One if the most enchanting Indian voices to my ear and an equally enchanting persona.

Rashid Khan obviously needs no introduction. Been watching his rise as a stellar classical vocalist for a while from the wings. He comes from the same family as Hariharan’s guru Guhlam Mustapha Khan., so you will hear obvious similarities in style and gharana as Hari.

Bombay Jayshree flew down to Red House, my studio and sang a couple of things she thought would be ideal. When I heard Kartiyani I saw the scope to take this very old scripture to a different zone. I could think of no other person than Rashid Khan to sing this beautiful song along with her.
The Prince of north Indian classical & the Princess of south Indian classical !! What a beautiful combination. One of my personal favourites, if not The most favourite on Coke Studio @ Mtv.. Listen for yourself.

  2) Jogi Watch Video

Richa Sharma and Ustad Rashid KhanRicha Sharma is not a new name to Indian film music but was when she sang a wild remix of Lambi Judaai on my 2nd remix album which sprouted hits such as Hai Re Hai Tera Ghungta & Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein. Don’t want to elaborate much on her as her singing and voice speaks volumes for her. She wanted to do an uptempo tune. Jogi is a great tradditional tune which showcases her range of voice. From very high to very low. Not every one has a range to sing this song. She does and does effortlessly. Rashid Khan offsets her voice beautifully and brings in another dimention to the song.
I have always loved Devi’s veena playing. She is equally humble as she is an awesome musician.

In Coke Studio @Mtv i have, where possible, tried to introduce the younger generation to traditional instruments or instruments played by masters who have been playing, practicing, and developing their craft way beyond many of us can do now. Primarily because they have spent their whole lives playing just one instrument and learning it the old school guru-sishya method from true masters of the past. To that, Devi being a master and exponent on the veena still goes to learn from her guru!! If you ever need her to come in for a recording session she generally cannot make it in the afternoon as ” she has her class” !! That’s how dedicated and passionate they are about their craft!

Instead of keeping it a typically Punjabi feel as Richa would like, I decided to keep the uptempo pace but bring a sort of ‘World Music’ vibe to the music which would blend in with the Punjabi feel of the tune. The acoustic guitar riff played by Bappi sets the backdrop to this song. Enjoy.

  3) Aao Naa Watch Video

Parthiv Gohil and Divya Lewis Divya Lewis- where do I start?? Must admit she is a chip off the old block. Musically talented and posesses an extremely interesting voice quality with a distinctive character of her own. Also has an attitude to go with it ! As a dad, I wish her luck knowing that she has what it takes. Being a Music Producer, she’s got a voice worth a million bucks !! The rest is up to her..

I met Parthiv Goel when he was a young boy.. Stil looks like that.. When he was a contestant on the TV show Sa Re Ga Ma. Since then he’s sung for my jingles and had made a foray into Bollywood. He has a great sense of melody and a natural instinct to ‘deliver’ a song. Check him out. Great voice, great rendition.

Jaishankar on Melodica is a very talented composer/ keyboardist from chennai. His sensitivity and subtlety in approaching the music is obvious. One phone call from me ANC he took the next filght to be on the show.. No money.. Just love for music! God bless.

On a personal note on Divya: When I was creating the first remix album in this country featuring the legendary Asha Bhosle – Rahul & I , my wife Lolette was expecting Divya. She decided to come for the first day of recording to listen to Ashaji sing. When Ashaji sang, the baby, still in her stomach started kicking like crazy! We had to stop the recording.. Ashaji told Lolette that she would have a girl and she should name her Asha! When she was born, Ashaji personally named her Divya Asha Lewis. It’s a strange coincidence that on Coke Studio @ Mtv her debut as a singer, she ended up singing the same song she heard Ashaji sing from her mother’s womb : Aao Naa !!

  4) Duet (Aisiyan Nighawan or Paluke Bangara) Watch Video
Richa Sharma and Bombay JayashriTwo different songs in two different keys in two different tempos for two different singers: Richa Shama & Bombay Jayshree in one go .. Difficult but hopefully smooth enough.
  5) Tere Bin Main Watch Video
Richa-SharmaI composed this sing primarily for Richa as she has the soulfulness of a balledeer and so I thought that she would sound very different singing a love ballad. Having so many talented singers on this episode I felt a melodic song would do justice to all. Also this would be a very different song on Coke Studio @ Mtv
  6) Hey Bhagwan Watch Video
Raghu DixitRaghu Dixit of Raghu Dixit project I met in Bangalore when I was performing a corporate show. He had done the jingle for that event.. When I saw him perform his debut album I was really happy that some one was doing some interesting music. So I thought I should present the Raghu Dixit Project and keep it in it’s original form so that all of India can enjoy what I enjoyed.